Humankind will add 2 billion new homes to the Planet by 2100. We will remove 17 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide by 2100.

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. But ours started with two – Construction and Climate Change. In the process, we solved three. We chose not to succumb to the alarm surrounding the rising sea levels owing to the rising carbon emissions and climate change, and decided to do something about it. We saw problems in what were close to our heart – the dark grime engulfed in the shiny façade – the enormous emissions from the construction industry.

We looked in the exact opposite direction for solutions. And we found our salvation in the most underrated saviours of society – farmers. It’s amazing how heroes emerge from the unlikeliest of places, isn’t it? Thenceforth, we had embarked on a journey to transform the construction industry into the most sustainable one economy-wide to prevent a climate-related catastrophe that could threaten the livelihoods of every person on the planet.

We saw huge potential in the agricultural residues that were hitherto burned or considered as waste. We saw potential not only in the industrial perspective but also as a means to uplift farmer income and create full value for their efforts. We created building materials out of agricultural wastes that are carbon negative and establish low carbon built environments through inherent energy efficiency and thermal performance.

With our innovation, we have reduced the impact on climate through prevention of crop residue burning, transformed the future built environments by making them carbon neutral and sustainable, and supplemented farmer income by providing fair prices for their agro wastes. It turns out, mindful thoughts are a lot more powerful than mindless actions.

Our very ethos at GreenJams is sustainability and we are committed to building

carbon-free built environments.

Let's make better buildings.

Made In India.

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