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GreenJams Selected for MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 Accelerator

GreenJams joins global network of innovators

Press Release

India, 20 May 2021 – On Monday, GreenJams got selected to participate in the MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator program. GreenJams is one of over 1,000 other startups to apply for the accelerator located in Lausanne, Switzerland. For the 6th cohort, a total of 97 early-stage startups made the cut, of which only 5 are from India.

"This is a landmark achievement for us; a global-scale recognition of the climate impact we deliver through our material innovation, Agrocrete®, in the construction industry, agriculture and general society. The MassChallenge jury was especially impressed with our impact and business model, earning us a spot in the Swiss accelerator." – Tarun Jami, Founder, GreenJams

GreenJams’ flagship product, Agrocrete®, is a carbon-negative building material made up of crop residues like paddy straw, bagasse, etc., and industrial by-products from the steel, paper, and power plants. Agrocrete® replaces conventional materials like clay bricks, fly ash bricks, AAC blocks and others for up to 50% cheaper cost of construction and 25% improved building energy efficiency while reversing climate change. In the form of blocks, it is used to build the walls in a building within a fraction of the time required for traditional materials.

Through Agrocrete®, we aim to solve the 39% share of global carbon emissions occurring due to space conditioning of buildings and the 6% contribution from the construction materials. Using crop residues as raw material, GreenJams prevent the open-field burning of crop residues, which costs India almost $27 Billion annually on health-related expenditure. In the northern parts of India, air pollution caused by crop residue burning claims 14.9 million years of healthy life annually. Insofar, GreenJams have captured 5.5 tons of carbon dioxide, avoided 11 tons of carbon dioxide emissions by replacing burnt clay bricks and prevented 3.75 tons of crop residues from being burnt.

Since 2016 MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe and beyond grow their businesses. Till date, 396 MassChallenge Switzerland alumni have raised more than $318MM in funding and created value for both economies and societies around the world.

About GreenJams

GreenJams is bringing high-quality, thermally insulating and carbon-negative building materials to the market, helping the construction industry lower its carbon footprint, save costs, and benefit socio-economically marginalized communities. Backed by almost half a decade of research and technological innovation, GreenJams is changing how building materials are manufactured and reversing climate change. Today, they’re paving the way for the future built environment to become carbon-neutral and solving the acutely impacted public health through the prevention of crop residue burning. Recognizing their impact, GreenJams was listed on Forbes Asia’s ‘30 Under 30’. They are supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare. The company is headquartered at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Learn more at www.greenjams.org, follow on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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