"Hey, are you positive about the future?

'Cuz I am carbon-negative :)"



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A first of its kind building material made of crop residues and industrial by-products. The material is designed based on decades of research and experiences of the builders, architects, and masons.

cheaper cost of construction
improved energy efficiency
carbon negative
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Agrocrete® Solid Blocks

Replacement of clay bricks, fly ash bricks and concrete masonry units. Best suited for load-bearing construction and low-rise structures.

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Agrocrete® Hollow Blocks

A lightweight, highly insulating, carbon-negative replacement of AAC blocks and hollow burnt-clay blocks. Best suited for non-loadbearing applications......

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Agrocrete® Plaster

A ready-made two-part pre-mix plaster for premium quality, custom and artisanal wall finishes.

Other Features: carbon-negative, thermally insulating, water-res.......


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Bijander Kumar, Mason

The quality of masonry, finishing and speed of construction is great with Agrocrete®. The bonding with mortar too is excellent. We were able to finish construction in 4 days instead of the 10-11 days it would take for red bricks. I would want to work with Agrocrete® in the future.

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